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9th January 2015

Real Life Photo Story

This series is real photoshoot with real character in real situation…a real story.

This is a photo story of classic working class Mumbaikar, who had this daily routine for past 30 years. His name is Mr. Ravinder Tamhne, a school teacher who travels by local train, shares autoriksha and walk about 3 kilometer everyday to save his earnings. He is dedicated to his work and a responsible social citizen.

One day I thought to take real pictures with real character and I reached his home in Dombivali in morning at 5.45am, the very first frame I caught him as he coming out of wash room, to get ready for work. He is a very simple man with super simple lifestyle.


He boards 6.50 am local train from Dombivali to Kalyan.


He takes sharing autorikshwa, he bows to each and every temple and god which comes across his way…


He teaches Art and Craft at Lourdes High School, Kalyan (Mumbai Suburbs, INDIA)


He prepares his teaching session and move to the classrooms where student are eagerly waiting for his session.


…the magic of paper folds and I enjoyed capturing this silhouette


Each and every student were looking different, otherwise they look like soldiers all in same uniform, same posture, same books and same classic posture.


His classroom is never in control because he believes in freedom for Art. Most of the student enjoy his session as free session. Even I use to enjoy his classroom when I was in school.


After his school sessions we travels back to his home around 2 pm in afternoon.


….He is happy as he is content


My first and last frame was in same place, but different timing and different ME. That day I have learnt a lot, not only photography but means of life.


He is the most modest man I have ever met in my life….He was my drawing teacher.


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