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10th January 2015

The Most Challenging Fashion Shoot

The Most Challenging Fashion Shoot

This #FashionPhotography was for done famous fashion designer #PriaKatariaPuri, the challenge was to shoot her Model #ShurtiSharma (#MissIndia title winner) at flora fountain, #Mumbai in the evening. Just for your information people who don’t know about Mumbai-India, Flora fountain is in Fort, a commercial hub and the busiest area during office hours.

Challenge was to shoot this #fashion story in business working hours without any security guards or bouncers. To make it further difficult, it had to be #photograph in Monsoon, where #Mumbai Rains are most unpredictable. Thus we had to plan it very meticulously as anything could have gone wrong, an uncontrolled crowd or rain or models mood.

And here is how it was executed, we parked our car very close to the place where Shruti was suppose to pose, I prepared my #camera, angle and exposure, waiting for rain to stop. Shruti was all ready and was waiting in the car for the action, as rain stopped we gave green signal and Shruti comes out of the car starts posing as no one was looking at her, and then crowd started coming inn like honey bee, with-in seconds there was people all around Shruti and me. But I was all prepared, I ignored everyone and started shooting, within a minute we had to finish the shoot as crowd went uncontrolled, after few poses Shruti ran towards the car, people also ran and hovered over the car and excitedly gazing into car to know who was the celebrity, but driver somehow managed to move the car and ran out of vicinity.

This is the shot which we achieved, thanks to Shruti, who was bold and ready to shoot without cover and did fabulous job.

Designer: #PriaKatariaPuri

Model: #ShrutiSharma

Photography: #RajeevRai


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